in the footsteps of Jacqueline de Romilly, the visit of the ancient Greece is akin to a walk in a French garden. When she returns to Homer, Plato and Thucydides, the trip is always a little unnerving. Everything seems to be beautifully in place for almost twenty-five centuries: the temples, the groves, the fountains, the porticos, and driveways. Here, Socrates is talking freely with Antisthène, Eschine of Sphettos, Plato, Xenophon, Euclid of Megara, Aristippe de Cyrène, and Phaedo of Elis. To those who grieve, he explains that if his enemies have the power to condemn them to death, they do not have the harm to his reputation, that establishes only the conduct of his life.

further, it is Alcibiades, the general, great and rebellious, which begs one last time for the Athenians to forgive him the infidelity, as reported by Thucydides in his History of the Peloponnesian war. Also, Oedipus the king, Antigone, and the tragic heroes of Sophocles we learn to what degree it was …

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