“Bonjouuur.” To the ear, it is so difficult to tell the difference between the voice of Jean-Baptiste Guegan and Johnny that radio stations refused to broadcast her songs. It doesn’t matter. Through its concerts at the end of the France and his victory in front of three million viewers of “France has an incredible talent” on M6 at the end of 2018, a majority of fans disconsolate rocker have adopted it. The same “Gift” Drucker who will “Vivement dimanche” on September 22, find “formidable!”.

“A candidate meek, humble and discreet”

Deborah Huet, executive producer of “France has an incredible talent”

Unlike Johnny Hallyday, Jean-Baptiste Guegan is not a fawn. Rather, an alley cat flayed by life, whose fame exploded at the age of 35 years. A instinctive who understood that to survive in the midst of sharks of show-biz, the most simple was to stay himself. “A candidate meek, humble and discreet,” stresses Deborah Huet, executive producer of “France has an incredible talent”. His team was still preferred as a communicator is listening to our …

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