Saturday, may 25, 8: 30 am – The festival opened with the zombies of Jarmusch. Twelve days later, it is in a state close to the semi-life that are found many festival-goers. Undead, ghosts, witches, parts of legs in the air at several, sex scenes of non simulated… Their bulging eyes have seen horrors during this 72nd edition !

This did not dampen the 1 600 optimists who patiently wait in front of the salle Debussy to get up early to attend the screening of les Misérables this morning. The film, like the other twenty of the competition with the exception of Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood , is proposed in a session of catch-up. “Thank you. Goodbye. See you next year” jokes a security guard – obviously tired for these two weeks – at the output of the projection.

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It will soon be able to blow. The Croisette is empty already. In New York, the brewery, which is opposite the Palais des Festivals, there is even space on the terrace at noon. Miracle! No “yellow vests” not to disrupt the closing of the Festival. Conducted by Francis Lalanne, their horde is preparing to invade the polls tomorrow for the european elections… on Wednesday night, the singer came in The issuance policy with a ball of LBD. With his mane brown, he is taken to the Rambo of the policy!

The controversy Kechiche continues

The real Rambo, we had in front of us yesterday. Sylvester Stallone, came to present a restored copy of First Blood on the French Riviera. The”Expendable” was greeted by a tidal wave human. Two days after its projection, Mektoub, My Love: Intermezzo , continues to make waves. According to Midi Free , Abdellatif Kechiche would have made pressure on his actors to shoot a scene of sex not simulated. A new controversy for Kechiche six years after The life of Adèle ?

Yesterday, the cannes public discovered the last two films of the competition: Sibyl of Justine Triet, and It Must Be Heaven Elia Suleiman. The Palestinian eyeing Chaplin and his native land in this feature-length film burlesque, almost without music and without speech, which comes as the last sweetness of this outstanding 72nd believed to cannes. For LCI, the feature-length film of the Palestinian deserved the palme d’or. This would be the paradise for Suleiman!

The palm, precisely, the jury of Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu will provide it in few hours. On everyone’s lips, a single question: who will succeed A family affair of Hirokazu Kore-eda? Predictions are rife. On the twenty filmmakers in competition, two names come more than the others: Bong Joon-ho ( Parasite ) and Pedro Almodovar ( Pain and glory ). Regular visitor to the Croisette, the Spaniard has never won the precious award… This year could well be his!

List of ” un certain regard

In the meantime the discussion, we comment on the winners of un certain regard, came yesterday in the evening. The jury Nadine Labaki was awarded the prize of the section parallel to Karim Aïnouz for (A Vida Invisivel ( invisible Life ) of Euridice Gusmão and the jury prize for O que Arde Olivier Laxe. Chiara Mastroianni won the best actor prize for his performance of woman fickle in Chamber 212 of Christophe Honoré. Kantemir Balagov is rewarded for its staging, and Albert Serra has been awarded the special prize of the jury. The director of Capernaum was awarded two trophies “coups de coeur”. The first to Michael Angelo Covino for The Climb . The second to The Wife of my brother of the Canadian Monia Chokri, hailed by Justin Trudeau in person.

Gilles Jacob, himself, congratulates the city of Cannes to have “maintained the cleanliness” of the city “despite the influx of population.” “Without doubt this is due to the vigilance caring from the mayor to his teams,” says the former chairman of the event, inviting David Lisnard to dératiser Paris. Response the municipal official: “You forgive me to stay in my place and avoid losing the north. Long Live Cannes!”