“A person is only forgotten when his name is forgotten”, which readily recalls the German sculptor Gunter Demnig, quoting the Talmud. The artist from Cologne, the origin of the Foundation Stolpersteine in memory of the victims of the Third Reich, does “not create a hazard to the feet of the people, but their mind and their heart.” Street Barr, in this popular area of Strasbourg, he handles himself with the trowel. He who has delegated the manufacturing of the paving stones 10 on a 10-cm takes to install the seven pavers covered with a brass plate. On each, as on the 70.000 stones installed in 1.300 common, in Europe and in Argentina, it has engraved the name and the first name of the victim, his date and place of birth and death. Esther and Nathan Schenkel, Jews of Polish origin, their five children, Cecilia, Isaac, Jacques, Maurice and Alfred, were rounded up in Périgueux. The father was shot and killed on the spot, the mother and children were deported on April 13, 1944 to Auschwitz. …

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