An album by the “greatest arias of sacred music was recorded in Notre-Dame de Paris will be released on the 26th of April for the benefit of the reconstruction of the cathedral was devastated by a fire, announced on Tuesday that Universal Music France in a press release.

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Organists and opera singers

In honor of Our Lady of Paris, the compilation will bring together performers in the church. Among them, the organist Olivier Latry. November 15, 2015, during the mass celebrated at Notre-Dame de Paris in memory of the victims of the attacks of 13 November, he had improvised a Marseillaise on the organ.

another great organist of Notre-Dame, Pierre Cochereau (famous holder of Our Lady and the predecessor of Olivier Latry), was also improvised on the hymn habs during a Mass for Peace, in the presence of president Valéry Giscard d’estaing, November 11, 1977. It will also be present in the album.

the Other guests of this benefit album, the mezzo-soprano Italian Cecilia Bartoli, tenor, franco-Italian Roberto Alagna or even the American, Jessye Norman. The soprano gave a memorable concert in 1992 with the interpretation in particular of an Ave Maria . Already available to pre-order, the album will be released therefore on the 26th of April and the entirety of the rights will be transferred to the Heritage Foundation.

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“a Symbol of our history and treasure of mankind, the Cathedral of Notre-Dame of Paris is intimately linked to the sacred music: the greatest organists, the most beautiful voice and the greatest composers have been near or far, a link with this jewel of our heritage”, said the writer and presenter Stéphane Bern calling for the mobilization for the reconstruction of this high place of christianity.