The French could “express themselves” on the reconstruction of Notre-Dame de Paris, which will be the subject of”a great debate and a wide consultation”, even if the final choice of the project will revert to the State, said Friday the minister of Culture, Franck Riester on LCI. While a YouGov poll published at the end of April shows that more than one French in two (54%) would like a rebuild “identical”, against 25% who are in favour of an “architectural gesture,” Mr. Riester had considered it necessary to study all the options-where the architectural competition that the State wants to start – but that the French might give their opinion at a large public consultation.

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Notre-Dame : “By necessity, this work will be new, inventive, d?avant-guard” – Look on Figaro Live

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After the fire which ravaged mid-April, the cathedral, the government announced that it would organize an international architectural competition concerning the reconstruction of the arrow. The project selected by the State (building owner) will decide if the arrow of the architect Viollet-le-Duc will be rebuilt or if it will be replaced by an “architectural gesture,” modern.

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“In general, when the cathedrals are being restored, there are new features. Why not, then ?”

Franck Riester, LCI

“well, We’ll see what will be the decision of the State, but all of this will be in consultation, in consultation, nothing will be done in the back of the French,” assured Franck Riester. “If we cut off the debate by saying if it will be the same arrow or a arrow different, we would have constrained our fellow citizens, there is left the possibility to each and everyone to express themselves (…) and then we will decide after a great debate and a wide consultation,” he added.

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The minister reminded that in France, the restorations of the cathedral gave all place to “novelties”, such as the use of different materials, hence the use of a great debate. “Generally, when cathedrals are being restored, there are new features. Why not, then, that there is an architectural gesture that would say that there has been a before and an after, and that we don’t do as if nothing had happened? But the decision is not taken, as a minister I should not give my opinion for the moment, what I have to do is that the debate could happen, and that we can decide”, he developed. “The French will be able to speak, and we will see what decision (will be taken) and how Notre Dame will be restored”, he concluded.