Putin asked to vacate the Ingush fighters against corruption

In a Network there was a petition to release the Ingush fighters against corruption. The appeal addressed to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the petition published on the website Change.org.

the authors of the appeal asked to release the organizers and participants of the anti-corruption rally, which was held in Ingushetia in 2019 after the authorities of the Republic initiated amendments to the regional Constitution, with the deletion of the basic law, “article guaranteeing the rights and freedoms of citizens of the Republic.” The activists were arrested after protests in their homes raided and seized materials, evidence of the crimes of corruption of officials, including the facts of embezzlement of budget funds, noted in the document.

Members of the anti-corruption rally for more than a year in prison, under investigation.

the authors of the petition demand “to stop the lawlessness and to release the honest people.”

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