Can we still believe in this Biennial was one of the glories of French? All agree that it should be an event worthy of the name for that Paris would defend its place and is not left behind. However, this event, the victim of its internal disputes and financial, no longer has the level. Almost all the great merchants who brought their most beautiful pieces in an amazing decorum deserted. “Before, I had thirty-two customers among the exhibitors, I have more than four,”notes Stéphane Mathelin-Moreaux de chez Neuflize OBC.

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In a few years, the Biennale has continued to fall. “She is already dead before being buried, regret those who have known it in its period of splendor. So it would be necessary create one of a kind new, under the aegis of an independent body.” Fortunately, there are “mini-Biennial” elsewhere in …

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