The festival hip-hop “Revolution”, scheduled on 22 September, and which aroused the concern of the residents of the stade Jean-Bouin, in the Sixteenth arrondissement of Paris, has been postponed to the summer of 2020 by its organisers, anxious to “defuse the situation”. The TGI of Paris had been seized by an association of local residents, with a decision originally expected in the September 18, relating to the establishment of records of potential noise pollution during this festival. But this association was not requesting its cancellation.

“This assignment has created a doubt in the minds of the public and, in addition, it has received a letter from a lawyer representing another waterfront”, said to AFP, Abdallah Slaiman, co-founder of Hiya!, organizer of events related to urban culture, as this festival. “We now think to reprogram in 2020, or the 20-21 June, the 11-12 of July, that should give us the time to take action on possible noise nuisance, to put in place, if needed, reducers, and to defuse the situation with the residents,” he continued.

” READ – IN Paris, of the inhabitants of the Sixteenth arrondissement wind standing against the festival of rap, Revolution

For Jean-Marie Pouilhe, lawyer of the association of the residents to the origin of the subpoena, “it’s only postponing the problem”. “There will be nothing on the 22nd September – so that we don’t require the cancellation – but these events will take place and Jean-Bouin will be well used for cultural events: the local residents made the reservations the most express,” insists the lawyer to the AFP.

“This is only a postponement”

Fabien Grobon, director general of the Stade Fran├žais (rugby club owner and operator of Jean-Bouin) explained to AFP that were scheduled for a maximum of three “events” per season, between July and the end of June. “But this is not the same reaction (of the residents) when it is the swan Lake – that is expected in the month of July – and it raises other issues,” expands Mr. Grobon.

“Hold a festival of urban music, this is the opportunity to generate revenue but also to attract a different audience to raise awareness of the rugby,” says the ceo of the French Stage. And to conclude: “the people of Hiya! have an attitude of hyper-positive for the meetings they organise with the local residents and which will enable a more participatory approach of the event. This is only a postponement”.

The festival featured concerts – IAM, Assassin, Kaaris, Kalash Criminal, Oxmo Puccino, Medine, Fianso, etc – as well as frescoes by real-time graffiti artists, of “battles” (competitions) dance or workshops on introduction to rugby, with the French Stage.