a successor to Philippe Lançon for flap (Gallimard)? The jury only women and the prix Femina has unveiled its first selection. He has selected 16 French novels and 11 novels foreign to his reward which will be awarded on 5 November.

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Among the authors selected by the jury for the Femina, the name Nathacha Appanah, already shortlisted for the Goncourt and the Renaudot for The sky above the roof (Gallimard) and the one of Karine Tuil, which is in the selection of the Goncourt prize for The human things (Gallimard).

Four first novelists are in the selection of which Anne Pauly, recent winner of the prize Sent by Mail, which also lies in the selection of the Goncourt. The jury of the prix Femina has scheduled two other selections, on 8 and 23 October.

last year, the prix Femina was awarded to Philippe Lançon for flap (Gallimard), while the prix Femina stranger had been attributed to the american novelist Alice McDermott for The ninth hour (The round Table), translated from English by Cécile Arnaud. The Femina essay (including the first selection will take place on 8 October) was rewarded Élisabeth de Fontenay for Gaspard of the night (Stock).

Here is the list, in alphabetical order of authors, the first selection of Femina.

French Novels:

Nathacha Appanah, “The sky above the roof” (Gallimard)

Patrick Autréaux, “When the word waiting for the night” (Verdier)

Dominique barbéris, whose, “A Sunday in Ville d’avray” (Arléa)

Bernard Chambaz, “Another Eden” (Threshold)

Isabelle Desesquelles, “pure” (Belfond)

Michael Ferrier, “Scrabble” (Mercure de France)

Claudie Hunzinger, “The great deer (Grasset)

Victor, Jestin, “The Heat” (Flammarion)

Alexander Labruffe, “Chronicles of a service station” (Vertical)

Luke Lang, “The temptation” (Stock)

Victoria Mas, “The bal des folles” (Albin Michel)

Anne Pauly, “Before I forget” (Verdier)

Sylvain Prudhomme, “By the road” (Gallimard)

Alexis Ragougneau, “Opus 77” (Viviane Hamy)

Monica Sabolo, “Eden” (Gallimard)

Karine Tuil, “The human things” (Gallimard)

Novels aliens:

Nina Allan, “The divide,” translated from the English (United States) by Bernard Sigaud (Tristram)

Ahmet Altan, “I won’t see again over the world”, translated from the Turkish by Julien Lapeyre de Cabanes

Giosuè Calaciura, “Borgo Vecchio”, translated from the Italian by Lise Chapuis (Notabilia)

Arno Geiger, “The great kingdom of shadows”, translated from the German (Austria) by Olivier Le Lay, Gallimard)

Chris Kraus, “The making of bastards,” translated from the German by Pink Labourie

Sergei Lebedev, “Men of August”, translated from the Russian by Luba Jurgenson (Verdier)

Maggie Nelson, “Blueberries”, translated from English (United States) by Céline Leroy (Editions du Sous-sol)

Sigrid Nunez, “The friend,” translated from the English (United States) by Mathilde Bach (Stock)

Edna O’brien, “Girl”, translated from English (Ireland) by Aude de Saint-Loup and Pierre-Emmanuel Dauzat (Sabine Wespieser)

Paolo Rumiz, “Appia”, translated from the Italian by Béatrice Vierne (Arthaud)

Manuel Vilas, “Ordesa”, translated from the Spanish by Isabelle Gugnon (Editions of the basement)