By Pierre de Boishue (text) and Stephan Gladieu for Le Figaro Magazine (photos)

A city within the city. The expression returns constantly in the mouths of tourists (over 10 million per year), and in the words of the employees of the public institution (about 2200 people) to set the Louvre. With the 14.5 km of rooms and corridors, its more than 360,000 m2 of floor space, its 3000 meters of facade and its 72.735 m2 of exhibition halls (which are presented 38.000 works on the 568.000 kept on-site), the palace gives exactly this impression. Has just passed the sas safety located at the entrance of the pyramid, each of which is crossed by this feeling of dizziness and vastness melee to a state close to the excitement.

Where to see (or at least see) the Venus de Milo , the Victory of Samothrace and Freedom leading the people ? Where can you find The mona lisa ? And when, especially? Since the move this summer of the Mona Lisa in the hall of the States …

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