Fifteen paintings of Our Lady, including the mays, of the large canvas offered in the past by the corporation of the goldsmiths of Paris, have been carefully packed and placed in trucks which should lead them to the Louvre. After the “safety” of these treasures, he should stay in the cathedral the four works, also intact, but which are not yet accessible for security reasons.

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Carefully packed, the tables were placed in trucks that must drive them to secure locations. ALAIN JEAN-ROBERT/AFP

Four days after the disaster, on the parvis of the cathedral, where floats a persistent smell of burning, the minister of Culture, Franck Riester confirms the good news: the tables are of large size, of the mays of the Seventeenth century – the largest of three metres by four metres, – “have not been damaged” and are “in conditions of near-normal”. “All of the tables will be removed in the day,” he said. Among these works of art are, in particular, those of Laurent de La Hyre and Charles Brown, two painters of the Seventeenth century. “Today, we are in a state of mind very positive about the works that were in the cathedral,” said Mr Riester.

mobilization unanimous

fifty people were mobilized, including four teams of six carriers. Conservators, curators and a photographer have controlled and surrounded their work. “Removal is difficult. The tables are large and heavy, the chapels are a little bit crowded,” especially by the confessionals of modern glass, ” explains Isabelle Pallot-Frossard, director of the Centre for research and restoration of Museums of France. “The work of packaging is long, as it goes down, we observe, we did the condition report, photographs, and then we pack them”, she says.

in addition, the president and Emmanuel Macron, received Friday a delegation of the Unesco for making the point about the international aid that have poured in, at the side of general Jean-Louis Georgelin, appointed by the chair to oversee the reconstruction of Notre-Dame. The fire which destroyed Monday evening, the cathedral has provoked a wave of emotion and an influx of international funding. Many countries, such as Russia, the United States, Chile, Germany, or Morocco, have offered their assistance. Russian president Vladimir Putin proposed to”send in France the best specialists of russia.” Donald Trump, american experts, in speaking, not to his French counterpart, but at pope Francis. For its part, the chilean president Sebastian Pinera promised Thursday to send the copper and the wood.

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The group is Disney, which has gained millions of dollars in revenue with his animated film The Hunchback of Notre-Dame (1996), announced a contribution to the tune of five million dollars, and the giant Apple has made a promise that is not encrypted. In 2017, twelve million tourists had visited Notre-Dame, masterpiece of gothic architecture which was the subject of important work for several months.