The media reported a new criminal case, threatening the Creator of a public

the Creator of a public “Ombudsman police” Vladimir Vorontsov brought the third criminal case.

As reported “Interfax” citing a source, the capital Central Board of the RF IC opened a criminal case under article 319 of the criminal code (insulting a representative of authorities)” on the basis of verification of the fact of placing in a social network post Vorontsov. In the post, as the source said, contains criticism of the employee of one of divisions of the Moscow police, who has previously filed a statement on humiliation of honor and dignity.

Commenting on the new criminal case, the lawyer Vorontsov Sergey adamsin stated that it did not notify.

Vladimir Vorontsov was arrested on suspicion of extortion of 300 thousand rubles from the ex-police for publishing personal photos on the Internet.

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