The film producer Thomas Langmann was sentenced on Wednesday by the correctional court of Paris, a 10-month suspended prison sentence, with a duty of care, for the harassment of his wife, the former model and journalist Celine Bosquet, with whom he is in divorce proceedings. The producer of The Artist , 47-year-old, “considers that the offence is not constituted” and “will call”, told AFP his lawyer, Arnaud Métayer-Mathieu.

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the son of The famous producer Claude Berri has been found guilty of having harassed his wife, who had left pregnant with their second child, sending many SMS and e-mails, for some degrading or insulting, in 2017 and 2018. This sentence of ten months suspended with a probation of two years which forced Thomas Langmann to a psychological follow-up and forbids him to enter in contact with Celine Bosquet, who had filed a complaint. It will also have to pay him 8,000 euros in damages and 5,000 euros in legal fees.

on his side, Céline Grove was also absent during the deliberation. She had, a year ago, attended by nearly 1500 messages of threats of her husband to file a complaint. The Point was then secured his deposition, in which she describes the conflictual relationship within the couple. “I inform you to be very afraid of Mr. Langmann and his associates and to take it very seriously when it threatens me, because I would like to point out that he has already been convicted in the past for acts of violence on his ex-wife, he also attacked my father and that the applicant has filed a complaint, in detail, Céline Bosquet. And finally, there is always prey to his addictions. These threats and false words affect my health, especially as I have two young children in my care.”

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Thomas Langmann had said that the majority of his messages, expressed “love” and “suffering”. The legal actions by Céline Bosquet were, according to his words, that an attempt of manipulation in the context of a divorce already tumultuous. “At no time did I wanted to hurt the mother of my children,” he assured. His lawyer had pleaded the release.