Sarah and Saleem are playing with fire. She is israeli, married to a colonel and mother of a family. He is palestinian and his wife is expecting their first child. They met in the coffee that Sarah is the manager. Saleem delivers fresh bread and pastries. For his second feature film, Muayad Alayan, who lives in Palestine, is inspired by a reality he knows all too well. He saw the israeli army to stop the couples as “mixed”, not always illegitimate, accused of various ailments by the security forces.

Assisted by her brother, the writer Rami Alayan, the filmmaker follows its characters more closely, without judging them. Reflects the social and economic consequences of the weight of the never-ending israeli-palestinian conflict on the individuals in their own right and within a society governed by codes archaic. The director filmed the women responsible and independent as Sarah or the lawyer of Saleem. Also looks at Bisan, the wife of Saleem, first of all docile and discreet emancipate themselves. Her husband himself seeks to break the link that makes it financially dependent on her husband’s family. Muayad Alayan has the merit to go beyond the intimate sphere, holding a discourse underlying policy, coupled with a revolt against any form of segregation.

‚óŹ The Reports on Sarah and Saleem , Drama by Muayad Alayan.
With: Maisa Abd Elhadi, Adeeb Safadi, Sivane Kretchner…
Duration: 2h12.