Unhooking the Moon was not a child’s play. And yet. The arrival of the capsule in lunar orbit, the gaze of the three men sent into space by NASA looks quickly to the young boys, in this documentary from Todd Douglas Miller. “You have seen as this mountain is big!”, marvels at one of them, forgetting the stops of the control center in Houston.

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an hour and a half, the film returns to the interior of the epic space over which humanity has set foot on the Moon, fifty years ago. Le Figaro has selected at least three reasons to go see Apollo 11 , in the dining hall from 4 to 8 September only.

The images worthy of the most exciting science fiction films

The documentary resurrects images of unpublished archive material found in a storage site in Maryland by Dan Rooney, supervisor of the section films of the national Archives. 177 bands in 70mm, and more than 11,000 hours of audio recordings were used in the creation of this restored version, for a result that is stunning.

In addition to the long tracking shots in the control center, which suggest a host of engineers focused on their task, the images of the takeoff of the huge launcher, the Saturn V have nothing to envy to Star Wars. The special effects more modern could not match the overwhelming power generated by the reactors or the condensation cloud impressive that forms around the rocket when it darkens towards the space.

interactions, striking between Houston and the space capsule

The coolness of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins during the trip, is striking. The three men smile at the camera that they had brought with them. While the module queue to the Moon, the control centre communicates constantly with the crew, asking them a series of checks.

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special Mention to Michael Collins, the great forgotten of shipping. To stay aboard the capsule orbital, it has not been able to set foot on the Moon. When in Houston, there is concern about the malfunctioning of its sensor heart, he is amused: “Be sure that if my heart stops I will let you know.”

(Re)discover the unfolding of this crazy business

when the three men donned their space suit to one of their landing in the Pacific ocean, seven days later, the drawings that punctuate the film permit an understanding of the different stages of the journey.

Some of them are particularly impressive. The landing, of course, during which it is surprising to doubt the success of the operation. Like there was any doubt that the lunar module to align perfectly with the part of the vessel in which remained Micheal Collins, one of the most amazing sequences that, despite its similarities with the film Gravity, proves that reality is always stronger than fiction.