After several days of controversy, Turin and the Piedmont region have settled in extremis: the international book Fair of Turin in which they are shareholders does not welcome Altaforte, the publishing house whose founder claims to be openly fascist. It publishes in full electoral campaign for the european Me Matteo Salvini , a book-length interview of the minister of Interior and head of the League, giving him a advertising special. Especially as the salon, which opened its doors yesterday until may 13, this year celebrating the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Primo Levi.

Altaforte was created in 2017 by a militant of CasaPound 32-year-old Francesco Polacchi, coordinator in the Piedmont of the movement, neo-fascist and known to police for several assaults. It appears this may 10, to be struck violently by June 2017 two people stepped in to defend a third party who was the object of racist insults.

“You can not ask survivors to share space with those who question the historical facts that led to the Holocaust”

Tweet of the Auschwitz Memorial

It took several days …

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