Need to person? For his album Duets Volatile , Véronique Sanson has abandoned the Harley Davidson to appeal to the heavy cavalry: twenty artists who accompany him on a drive together. The sixteenth of the singer, who turns 70 years old on Wednesday 24th April. If Zaz, Julien Doré, Bernard Lavilliers have accepted to come and ask their voice, some have declined the invitation to share the microphone with the interpreter of the Need the person . This is the case of Eddy de Pretto, revealed the interpreter of Song about my funny life on the shelf C Friday night.

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“Eddy de Pretto told me no,” she explained to reporters from the French tv show 5. “I believe that I am not his cup of tea. The Point bar. It happens”, she stated as to the reasons for the refusal of the executor of Festival too .

For this album consists exclusively of duets, Véronique Sanson has offered the services of key artists of the French musical landscape like Alain Souchon, Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine, or Eddy Mitchell. But also young singers like Vianney, Juliette Armanet and Tim Dup. “I find it extraordinary to sing with the younger generation, she said. It is they who have chosen the songs, I gave them carte blanche. It’s been so pleased that they have accepted, because that one has the impression, and this is not at all pretentious to say it, have passed something. And it’s been a crazy fun”, she said.

A night on his shoulder – Véronique Sanson and Juliette Armanet:

Song about my funny life – Véronique Sanson and Vianney