Between san Sebastian, where he was put in a box this was his new comedy, and New York, Woody Allen has made a brief stop in Paris to present A rainy day in New York city . Shot in 2017, the film was a collateral victims of the old accusations of sexual abuse launched by the adoptive daughter of Mia Farrow, Dylan, and resurgies in favor of motion #MeToo. Amazon has blocked the us release of A rainy day in New York city . The filmmaker, who was to deliver four films produced by the giant of the Net, he brings a lawsuit for wrongful termination of contract. Difficult to separate the film swirls around him, but broken to the exercise, the Woody show themselves to be open and quiet. At the age of 83, on a couch of Bristol, he has the air of an old sachem.

LE FIGARO. – There is Manhattan, the jazz, the cinema, the depression, the sex, the loves, the family: a concentrate of Woody Allen?

Woody ALLEN . – This is typically a film of me! A lot of non-sense and comical, and also of the sadness …

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