It was suggested to reach a Spritz to the mona lisa, which has never had the opportunity to soak her smile. In return, the Louvre offered him Tuesday night in the pyramid and a dinner with the Venus de Milo. Daniela Molinari, an Italian-canadian from Toronto, a student in conservation at the Beaux-Arts of Newcastle (England) won in front of more than 180,000 candidates in the competition launched by the museum of the Louvre and the hosting platform Airbnb to celebrate the thirty years of the glass pyramid that caps the paris hotel and wraps around the courtyard of the former palace of the kings of France.

The young woman of 26 years was able to, 800 characters, convince better, than the other the jury “with audacity, freshness and creativity”, that it would be “the ideal host of Mona Lisa”, the time of night at the Museum.His short text is proposed to Mona Lisa to have a chat of “Leonardo” around a glass. “I had not taken the case seriously, I didn’t think it was going to work”, she says.

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on Arrival at sunset, Daniela Molinari, and his guest, Adam Watson, 29 years old, have discovered the bed upright in a mini-pyramid at the entrance of the great. Before you slip into the sheets, the couple was entitled to a royal treatment – a glass of champagne in front of mona lisa, gourmet dinner in the face of the Venus de Milo mini-concert in the salon Napoleon III, and especially the first of the privileges: a guided tour of the museum, deserted at night. – strolling among the masterpieces on A walk in fifteen steps across the 37 km of galleries and of the 35,000 works in the Louvre led to masterpieces iconic parts less visited, as the speaker of the VIP, Sabine de La Rochefoucauld, had wished them to discover.

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She and stopped in front of the statues of the Italian Renaissance, in the old stables of the palace. Or, between Delacroix and Leonardo da Vinci, in front of a stunning Pietà of Rosso Fiorentino (1495-1540) shades of purple and red, as it had already made to the singer Beyoncé, a veteran of the places. The meeting was such, says the speaker, that the Pietà Rosso figure in the clip of Beyonce and Jay-Z toured the Louvre and saw 160 million times on the internet.

182.000 participants in the competition

Unlike the films of Shawn Levy’s Night at The museum , which see the hero (Ben Stiller), beset by the subjects that he is supposed to keep, any character of Raphael, or of Gericault does not jump walls to wear in front of visitors. The magic is elsewhere: for a time, hearing the footsteps echoing on the stone, the floors of the galleries crack under the soles. And especially not having to wait to meet the gaze of The mona lisa behind the screens of mobile phones but discover there at the bottom of a large piece of desert, where a small room waiting for the couple to drink.

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“The last time I came here, at age 12, I was so small, there were so many people, I’ve seen practically nothing,” says Daniela. For Adam, this is the first visit and the discovery, total. The organizers of the contest, the bet is successful. 182.000 participants in ten day – a quarter French and a quarter of North Americans.

Airbnb is under fire from critics

For the Louvre, which has for the first time last year surpassed the 10 million visitors – making it the most visited museum in the world – “it was to show that it is able to accommodate everyone as best as possible, even people who were not accustomed” to museums, ” says its director-general assistant, Anne-Laure Beatrix. This partnership has been concluded then that while Airbnb is under fire from critics of the town hall of Paris for not complying with regulations in terms of hiring. The City recently sued the platform, punishable by a fine of 12.5 million euros, for having put online the 1,000 units of non-registered, as provided for in the act Elan.