After having been shunned by publishers who refuse to publish his memoirs, and abandoned by Amazon in June of last year, Woody Allen has finally found a distributor for his latest film, A Rainy Day in New York , in which play, excuse me a bit, Timothée Chalamet, Elle Fanning, Selena Gomez and Jude Law.

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Variety reports that Lucky Red, an Italian distributor, has acquired the rights to the new romantic comedy from controversial director in Hollywood, with Glen Basner of FilmNation Entertainment. And if the society of american production did not want to react, it would appear that this sale would also include agreements with other european countries.

on his side, Lucky Red has confirmed through the Italian press that A Rainy Day in New York will be well-distributed in Italy and has even revealed a release date set for 3 October. It does not take a lot more for the local press evokes a world premiere at the Venice film Festival, which will take place from 28 August to 7 September next. The Festival, has not made comments on this event.

A film that disturbs

The reason why Amazon has dropped the new Woody Allen film is simply because it is disturbing. If the pitch has not yet been officially unveiled, A Rainy Day in New York should tell the story of two young people on a trip, the time of a weekend in the big apple. The plot would also include a relationship between Elle Fanning, at the age of 19 years old during the filming, and Jude Law, 25 years her senior.

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And it is for this reason that Amazon would have abandoned Woody Allen. His film would have become “toxic” in the United States, due to accusations renewed against the filmmaker of sexual assault on his adoptive daughter, Dylan Farrow, 30 years ago. At a time when the movement #MeToo continues to fall the sexual predators around the world, some members of the cast of A Rainy Day in New York , in the image of Timothy Chalamet and Selena Gomez, reportedly split from the director in donating the entirety of their stamp to different associations, such as Time’s Up.

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For his part, Jude Law regretted that Amazon has not kept its commitments to the director of To Rome With Love (2012) , in an interview with the New York Times in November last year. The actor 46 years old has found that the reaction of the american giant was “shameful” and that he “would love to be able to see the movie”, in which “many people are passionately invested, [Woody Allen] is included.”

today, our colleagues at Variety reveal that the american director would be working on a new project funded by Mediapro, a production company based in Barcelona. Moreover, it is she who had supported, at the time, the feature film Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008) or Midnight in Paris (2011).