The exercise is not trivial, and even less easy. He had the talent and the patter of Ibrahim Maalouf to get to play them in unison a whole room of musicians enthusiasts! For the time being, the franco-lebanese trumpeter is the only one to do this kind of improvisation giant. To put the participants in the bath, it starts with a set of exercises quite amazing. To ask, if it is not in a spectacle of a behaviorist as this is surprising. For example, he asks the audience to sing a note, each his own, and this cacophony initial is going to be born a joint note, the fa. The exercise begins with the instruments: this time it is the bb that spring! Ibrahim Maalouf concludes the warm-up by this maxim: “we need to be listening to the other”. Then, the improvisation, strictly speaking, begins. While his musicians join him on stage, he asks everyone to play what he wants. And again, is born a rhythm common and a short melody, repeated by his group then supported by small sessions of musicians that he invites to the stage. A saxophonist meets a guitarist, a pianist, a cellist, a flutist,… Each leaving quickly its place to the other.

New album out at the end of September fd

waiting for the release of his new album S3N S planned for the end of September, the trumpeter embarks on a large summer tour with the Haïdouti Orkestar, after which he will present his album in three dates at the Olympia in Paris, before going on in all regions of France.

summer Tour with the Haïdouti Orkestar at Montauban on the 30th of June, Autrans, July 5, at Segre on the 6th of July, Fontainebleau, france, on July 7, in Carcassonne on July 8, Arles, July 9, in Lyon on July 11, Surgeres on the 17th of July, at Nice on the 19th of July, at Perpignan on the 20th July, at Crozon, August 2, at Dommarien on 3 August.

Tour for his album in Paris from 23 to 25 September, in Brest the 28th of September, at Nantes on the 29th of September, in Rennes, October 6, at Toulouse on the 12th of October, in Floirac on the 13th of October, in Lille on the 19th of October, in Luxembourg on 20 October, in Grenoble on the 26th of October, in Lyon, france on 27 October, la Rochelle on the 16th of November, at Dijon on the 23rd of November, Nancy on 24 November, in Monaco on the 30th of November, at Marseilles on the 1st of December, in Montpellier on 8 December.