what is it that you want to be a part of this film inspired by the life of Almodóvar?

reading the script, this movie seemed less baroque, more minimalist than the previous ones, and it struck me. I was shooting the series on Picasso, and I had realized that at the end of his life, he painted more simply, one or two brush strokes. Express more with the minimum, that is what Pedro was doing through this script built on the memories of a filmmaker ill and reclusive. I could not refuse.

is not intimidating to interpret the man who puts you in the scene? How are you stuck?

Since The skin I live in , in 2011, I had not played a large role for Pedro. I arrived to the rehearsal (Almodóvar loves to repeat upstream) with insurance, proud to show him how much I had progressed, but he told me: “This does not interest me absolutely not, I want something sincere.” At the beginning, it was very complicated because I resisted …

I log

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