It has no name. It recognizes the face of a sad clown, Penny pinchers, that he wears. In turn, it takes on the appearance of the most unbearable nightmares of children that it seeks to kill. For fans of Stephen King, it is rather the dream: the trailer for It 2 has just been unveiled. The continued adventures of the band of adolescents who have been victims of the continued hellish clown in the first chapter released in 2017, continued in the 1980s, thirty years after.

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The kids have become adults. Everyone has forgotten the nasty colors of Penny pinchers. But they are all hopelessly attracted to the city of their childhood, Derry. Among them, Beverly Marsh, the only girl of the band, become a beautiful thirty-year-old. The teaser opens on the face of an old lady, the new tenant of the apartment in which Beverly has lived a little, who invites him to take a cup of tea and time for discussion. By scratching the torso, the octogenarian reveals a strange red trace. Two back-and-forth in the kitchen allow time for Beverly to observe the scene and understand: Penny pinchers crouches still here.

It doesn’t laugh at the clowns

The Argentinean Andy Muschietti, director of the first pane, and Bill SkarsgÄrd, who has the wrong role, the role of the clown, took up the service. And boarded with them, the actors James McAvoy, the hero of record of the films of M. Night Shyamalan and Jessica Chastain, superstar of Interstellar , and ardent feminist. Released in 2017, the first installment has reported $ 700 million in inflows, becoming the most profitable horror film in history. A success that reflects the imprint that was left It in the popular culture. At the time of publication, in 1986, the best-selling had reached a million copies sold, a record in the history of publishing.

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If small and big fans of the brilliant creator of Shining will be glad of this new production, only the irreducible but very serious world Association of clowns the risk of grey mine. The novel That , and his adaptations to the screen, in a tv movie in 1990 and then in 2017, have largely tarnished the image of the profession, resulting in multiple cancellations of a show, supported the management of the association two years ago. A distress that Stephen King, who was at the time justified, was not indifferent: “most of The clowns are awesome. But children have always been afraid of them.” It is like that.