You may learn from him that he was the producer of over 400 episodes of Plus belle la vie , the daily soap opera for the last fifteen years to the success of France 3 . But Philippe Carrese, who died Sunday, may 5 at the age of 63 years died of cancer, was much more.

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The minot Marseille born in 1956 to a family of naples was a jack-of-all. A graduate of the Institute of high cinematographic studies (Idhec) in Paris, he had started his career working as first assistant director, before turning commercials and documentaries and then turn to the tv, with the tv movie Malaterra , a work of fiction in provencal, in 2003.

For the Marseillais, Carrese was primarily a novelist who wrote as one speaks to us, “hail the assent”, providing the vocabulary necessary to be accessible to the uninitiated.

Loquacity rabelaisienne

a Lover of her city, Carrese became his heroine. In his first novel, Three days of engatse ( editor’s note: “trouble serious, irritations) , published in 1995 in Black River, he had left aside the clichés to depict Marseille in his reality, “engaging, lively, contrasting,” he said. The acid humour and the tone was jubilant, he gave his vision, lucid and sometimes brutal, of the collusion between politicians and the local mafia. Follow a score of “crime fiction aïolis” which Mesh Lined , Pet fly and the Princess of the desert , or Seed of the Pumpkin in which the characters and the writing décoiffent as the Mistral.

With his friend Jean-Pierre Cassely, he had written a hilarious small glossary, My-nice – Provence-that-I love , subtitled “Guide-lexicon inherently stupid, unnecessarily cruel, and bad faith on the Provence”, (ed Jeanne Laffite).

With his loquacity rabelaisienne, Philippe Carrese porta high the “talk of marseilles,” in the imposing in the world of letters. The image of a Jean-Claude Izzo and François Thomazeau, the other two minots of marseille, he was an ambassador, which required another look at his city, made him want to explore it.