Forty years later, the character of Darth Vader, passionate about even the crowds. For the anniversary of the second part of Star Wars , great saga created by George Lucas, the auction house Bonhams organizes a sale dedicated to film classics. It is as well as an original costume that was once called Anakin Skywalker may well be acquired for a sum of between one and two million dollars. Made up of seventeen parts, it includes the mask, the boots and a few capes iconic of the Sith Lord of the saga, reported to the auctioneers.

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The suit is put on sale by Bryce “Kermit” Eller, whose deep voice has earned him to be able to embody Darth Vader during preview, signatures, autographs, conventions, and ceremony of the Oscars in 1978. The paraphernalia that he intends to assign part of the handle created in 1979 by the team of designers John Mollo for the movie The Empire strikes back . The auction house Bonhams has not specified whether the parts, including leather, wool, silk and fibre glass, have been used to screen before to Eller.

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“The suit gives really very very hot,” explained the interpreter of Darth Vader. “There are so many layers. It takes at least twenty-five minutes to put on, and even a little help.” An exercise more complex than it seems, and that has earned him pass out from dehydration after having worn this costume for hours. When the emergency services have declared that it was necessary to cut the pieces to help him, the very dedicated Bryce Eller has stopped net: “I said that I could get over it, unlike the suit”.

This is not the first time that the costumes and other objects of Star Wars are bought at a high price at the auction. The height of the popular success of the franchise, a copy of the droid R2-D2 used on the filming in 1977, has been awarded to 2.76 million in 2017. A lightsaber belonging to Luke Skywalker was purchased for 450,000 dollars.

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‚óŹ the next film in the saga, The ascent of Skywalker , will be released in the cinema on December 18. Check out its first trailer:

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