It was the ambition of Flaubert: writing about nothing. The novel of Victor Jestin is on a thin thread. Of course, this is not about anything that he writes because it is a question of a body buried in a beach of les Landes. Leonardo has 17 years old, a teenager a few loose ends. For vacation, his parents chose a campsite near a beach, at a time of Dax. He is there with his brother, his sister and his dog Bubble. It starts like this, during the night the last Friday of August: “the Oscar is dead because I watched him die without moving.” Leo sees her boyfriend to strangle him, the ropes wound around the neck – a stupid game? Desire special enjoy? Leo doesn’t move, despite the look impotent to Oscar who called for help. Worse, once death has been ascertained, Leo buries the body under the sand. “I had done a bit of nonsense in seventeen years. It has been difficult to understand.” It is from there that everything begins, and Victor, Jestin managed to take us with almost nothing, if …

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