With Moulinsart, the interests of Tintin are well kept. Up to the absurd. The managing company of the rights to the comic strip created by Hergé himself struck again. For the first time, at the end of August, when the author Emmanuel Lepage, is chosen by the belgian Centre of comic strips (CBBD) in Brussels, to draw a poster celebrating the thirty years of this institution.

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To mark the event, the designer has used several major references of the ninth item Of Arzach by Moebius Adele Blanc-Sec, Tardi , passing by Blake and Mortimer by Edgar P. Jacobs, and of course Tintin, the latter being referred to through the famous rocket in the chequered red-and-white. Proud of his displays, to reason, Emmanuel Lepage published his drawing on his account Instagram, the 27 of August. Wrong it took.

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Poster for the thirty years of the Belgian Centre of the Comic Strip

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the next day, the museum receives a mail from the legal department of Marlinspike, demanding the withdrawal of the rocket poster (that of destination moon ), under penalty of prosecution, specify our colleagues around the World. The centre runs. And Emmanuel Lepage also yields to the threat, and propose in emergency a new poster. Poster he has posted on 5 September on Instagram.

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The new poster of thirty years, the museum of the comics.

A publication that is shared by Emmanuel Lepage (@emmanuel.lepage) the 5 Sept. 2019 at 1 :41 pm PDT

Asked speaks daily, Nick Rodwell, head of Moulinsart and husband of the widow of Hergé, believes that “the work of Hergé is not in the public domain” and that no drawing inspired of the universe of the little reporter can’t be achieved without the permission of the copyright holders.

After Belgium, Switzerland, has been the intransigence of Nick Rodwell, reveals, for its part, the site ActuaBD. An exhibition to be held from 5 to 29 September, in the framework of the festival BDFIL has been purely and simply cancelled at the request of Marlinspike. The artist Atak (German Georg Barber), had to submit, in particular, to the gallery RichterBuxtorf, paintings in homage to the adventures of Tintin. It’s a sacrilege. “We regret to announce that the exhibition devoted to the works of ATAK is currently closed by order of the society Moulinsart, which governs the rights of the work of Hergé. For the gallery, there is no doubt that the artist in berlin does that include the little reporter and his white dog and he is here in a right linked to the freedom of the arts, one can read on their site. But the gallery does not have the means to engage in a war by lawyers stepped in.”

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