It doesn’t take much to rewrite the history. In sixty minutes, watch in hand, Hugues Duchêne and his troupe are staging each year of the quinquennium Macron. The recipe has very well market in the last Avignon off, here he is on the boards of la Scala, until 12 may. This Thursday, they will approach the year 2017, 2018 the next day, and all Saturday and Sunday where there will be a “integral” from 3: 30 a.m. with intermissions.

” Reserve your tickets for I’m going, but the State remains on Ticketac

Five minutes per month, one hour per policy year. Simon Gosselin

on Wednesday night, the seven young actors (they are all members of the Academy of the Comédie-Française) attacked the “origins of evil”: the recent u.s. elections and the French. It all starts in September 2016, in a stock policy pre-primary right. Caesar is stabbed by Brutus, and Emmanuel Macron leaves Bercy to campaign. It is a question, again, of the jungle of Calais. A stranger gives the Canard Enchaîné information on a certain Penelope. You know the rest.

it All goes with a bang, and comedy, to the rhythm of the battery which speeds up the whole, with the use of very intelligent large screen scrolling through the stage directions at full speed. The actors vary the angles of attack and make fun of crunching all of Paris. The triumvirate Sarkozy-Hollande-Macron in the head (all the imitations are not created equal), but also the world of culture, who became their: Eric Ruf, director of the Comédie-Française, Christine Angot, Jean-Michel Ribes…

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The format encourages the mockery, cynicism. But it is more intelligent than that. Hugues Duchêne pokes fun at himself. A few forays into his private life (his loves, his work, his political consciousness) shed light on the impact of the policy on the intimate. These very good actors, at first a little lost on the shelf naked, quick release, and weave with joy this great comedy to the false air of schoolboy, but which is the result of a colossal work.

Hughes Duchêne did not wait for the consecration of the Republic in The March document. As of 2015, it connects the political meetings. He himself admits to being an activist. His show is less so. It is inflated without ever being nasty, even though the load goes a little one way. As one can imagine between Hamon and Mélenchon: not to be shocking to the public of the Scala, a night of first. As the room is constantly being rewritten, and “ends on the date of the day on which it is played in front of spectators”, the author continues to attend inexorably to the trial Benalla and others. Following the next episode.

“I’m going, but the State remains” at La Scala, 13, Boulevard de Strasbourg (Xe).
Thursday and Friday at 18: 30, Saturday at 20h and on Sunday at 15h. Until 12 may.
Duration: 1: 15. Tel.: 01 40 03 44 30