last February, it was to swing the public of the auditorium on jazz standards and the american musical, at the side of the Big Band de Fred Manoukian. This month, it is in a more familiar, one will find the former opera singer Natalie Dessay: French song and lieder in the German. A practice that had become natural for the one who, even at the time of his triumphs, lyrical has always been able to get the word out before the note. But had been dreading yet to return to the directory to which had initiated the pianist Ruben Lifschitz as early as the 1990s. This immense pedagogue, alas gone in 2016, décriait with accuracy the recital as the most demanding of the song: “the confessional of the vocal music”.

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A duty of truth with which Natalie Dessay is too long felt to be less inclined than some of his colleagues. Fearing that, by his own admission, to understand “things more by the body than by the intellect”.It took the decisive meeting with the pianist Philippe Cassard, and his sense of the decisions, to be lied to and to prove to him that it was wrong on his own account. “For all my projects drive, I need someone who has the will, to both,’ said she in the aftermath of the release of their album Debussy, in 2012 (Erato).

A disk which is turned towards the melodies of youth of the composer, adorned with a handful of new tasty, and where the voice clear and bright the singer, associated with the fiery passion of which it is capable, rendered full justice to the language of juvenile future father Pelléas et Mélisande . A test shot became instantly master stroke and turned in the following years by several other projects, including Betrothal for laughs oscillating between lightness and depth, and sailing on the vast ocean of the melody in French.

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And most importantly, two years ago, this amazing disc Schubert: first foray into live recording of the singer in the universe of the lied germanic, served by a diction which is quite exemplary and a meaning of the word inhabited disconcerting. It is, therefore, in this dual universe, French and German, and that the duo Cassard-Dessay is abandoned on the stage, in a very full programme Schubert and Wolf agree to Debussy. But also of Roussel, Ravel, Massenet, Bellini or Chopin… In the meantime Michel Legrand, in which she paid tribute to in December next.

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