After Venice, they do not spare Deauville. The polemics were revived by the presence at the opening of the festival a film by Woody Allen, private rooms in the United States after accusations of sexual abuse. The Birth of a Nation , Nate Parker, acquitted in 2011, there is also the controversy before the tribute to the ex-007 Pierce Brosnan and the coming of Johnny Depp.

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With Elle Fanning headlining, A rainy day in New York city of Woody Allen “is a film very lively, very funny”, according to the director of the festival Bruno Barde. But this first has to react, feminists in the United States, also shocked, as at the Venice film Festival with the selection of Polanski and his j’accuse , by the programming of American Skin , the new film by the american director of The Birth of a Nation , Nate Parker, acquitted in 2011, after being suspected of having committed a rape on a female student.

The two movies are screened out of competition in Deauville. “First Woody Allen and now Nate Parker. It’s just been the aggressors. Not agree,” tweeted the founder of the pressure group Women and Hollywood, Melissa Silverstein.

“feminists have blinders on”

“It must be the difference between the filmmaker and the person”, think on the contrary Catherine Deneuve being interviewed at the end of August in Paris, on the screening of the new Woody Allen in Deauville, where she will preside over the competition. “Feminists have blinders on,” added the actress who had taken a position against the current of the movement #Metoo early 2018, signing with a hundred women in a forum defending a “freedom to harass”.

The theatrical release in the United States d’ A rainy day in New York city was canceled by Amazon when the adoptive daughter of Woody Allen has renewed in 2018, full-wave #MeToo, charges of sexual abuse against the filmmaker dating back to 1992.

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But the film was released in Poland and is expected in other european countries. “It is out in France and it is very good. It is a very great movie,” she said Bruno Barde, who was interviewed on the decision of Amazon.

Woody Allen has always emphatically denied the accusations from Dylan Farrow, who claims he sexually abused her in 1992 when she was seven years old. The young woman is supported by her adoptive mother Mia Farrow and brother Ronan. The prosecution against the filmmaker had been abandoned after two separate surveys of several months.

A festival in the feminine,

Bruno Bard intends to propose for this 45th edition of “a festival of women”, with 11 of the 36 new films made by women, and themes around their “fights”. Of course, the headliners are men: Pierce Brosnan, expected Friday and Saturday, and Johnny Depp, on Sunday. But the actresses will be the many on the boards.

Sophie Turner’s Sansa Stark of Game of thrones , is announced Saturday. Among the 60 films on offer to the 60,000 festival-goers, Deauville has been programmed on the big screen all of the popular fantasy saga, “a world first”, as if pleased about that, Bruno Barde.

on Tuesday, actress Geena Davis ( Thelma and Louise ) will make Everything can change, and if women in Hollywood , a documentary that she has produced. And on Friday, the actress Kristen Stewart ( Twilight ) will invoke Seberg of Benedict Andrews where she plays Jean Seberg.

The jury of Catherine Deneuve will announce its winners on Saturday, September 15. Among the 14 films in competition (six of which are signed by women and first nine films) will compete including The Lighthouse , the story in black and white of the two keepers of lighthouses, Robert Eggers and Robert Pattinson, Port authority Danielle Lessovitz, “a film disturbing where the identity of the body is not necessarily the truth”, according to Bruno Barde; The Climb , Michael Angelo Covino, “a comedy very funny about a friendship between two men”.