They have a lot of guts, all three. The three leading performers of this version to the theater of Opening Night , a film by John Cassavetes, who dived into the heart of the mystery of dramatic creation. Morgan Lloyd Sicard is the director, Frédéric Pierrot, the main partner, Isabelle Adjani, the actress. All three of them have agreed to stand, in public, on the slippery ground of an open work, a work in progress.

there are two and a half months, in Namur, took place the first of this show that displays as an interim proposal. Last Friday, the Theatre des Bouffes du Nord was accessible free of charge to spectators. Real repetitions with the presence of the theatre director Cyril Teste and the continued recovery of tiny details. The next day, for the first parisian, the room was packed until the very last balcony.

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Some changes since the creation. Material …

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