After a period as dark as creative a decade, Manu Larcenet, and returned to the territories more laughing COMICS humor thanks to his friend Jean-Yves Ferri. Thus, the author of Blast , Report of Brodeck or Fight for ordinary , crowned in 2004 by the Angoulême Festival, returns to the Ravenelles, and resumes the thread of adventures wacky of Manu, Mariette and Nasturtium.

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Haaa! Return to earth , this comedy series major of the years 2000, its perfume of nature reviving, his gags are full of tenderness, and its protrusions ironic that say more about the time that a treaty sociological. The pleasure remains intact, so we were happy to find this little family of characters well chewed.

of course, the anxieties of a paranoid nature (and recurring) Manu Larsinnet always form a kind of vital fuel of the series, and forward, to bursts of laughter. Larsinnet has finally completed his “magnum opus”, his black work: Plast! When the author tortured rises to the surface, and is recovering in his daily reality, his dear and tender, Mary, seven months pregnant, is expecting their second child. And the cat’s Speed (which no longer has the air as fast as before), now has the benefit of a progeny abundant of kittens that thrives in the house. The removal boxes are still there, and will also offer a few pages dream quite successful.

Taming of gothic connected

But at the heart of this sixth aspect, the two characters are the lion’s share of side joke. There is, first and foremost, the neighbor and godmother of the small Nasturtium, hilarious and old witch Madame Mortemont… and then there’s Philippe, the parisian editor of in Dargau loaded going to offer our ex-punk nihilistic became the father of a family to the reversal of a cartoon character so-called star in the United States, which I named “Nasty Bonzo” ©! And when the stolid Philip requests the director-general of the venerable publishing house, if it must get there for real, we feel arise all the distress of the world behind his glasses: “In him Claude? You want to say in the campaign?” And the boss of the meet, breaking up: “Break Philippe.” The odyssey begins for the poor editor… It will be filled with challenges and laughs that are unexpected.

As to Madame Mortemont, it is the heroin of this album. Ferri and Larcenet had a lot of fun with this shrew gothic, in the rewarding of a smartphone or tablet (over the pages, the device does not cease to swell). With this object of modernity placed in his hands, the old peasant woman falsely cantankerous, but really connected, makes a jump into the future also mind-boggling that bidonnant. She discovered texting, Internet, remote control, and the search engines…

We as players have no need to go far in search of laughter: it is nestled in the corner of each page. Larcenet and Ferri add a pinch of nostalgia in addition to which makes it even more endearing…

the return to earth, volume 6 – The Metamorphoses, by Manu Larcenet and Jean-Yves Ferri, published by Dargaud. 12€.