it’s All happening, James Cameron pulls his hat to the super-hero. Good road to break all records at the box office, Avengers: Endgame began his conquest in making the best start of all time in the world. And in the race for the first walk, it took a good ten days for the team of super-heroes succeed in supplanting the “cult” Titanic of a hair and won the second place of the film to be the most profitable in the history of cinema. The new film of the brothers Russo has achieved to date to 2.2 billion dollars, and therefore goes beyond the movie by James Cameron, and its 2.18 billion.

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In a spirit of fair-play, James Cameron has addressed, on Twitter, a little word to the attention of Kevin Feige and his team, through a photomontage, fun and colorful.

“An iceberg sank the real Titanic. However, it seems that the Avengers have sunk my Titanic . At Lightstorm Entertainment, we congratulate you for your amazing record. Not only have you shown that the film industry is not only alive and thriving, but you have made her bigger than ever!”, he writes.

engers-Endgame: the third-best start of all time in Paris

If anyone at Marvel has not yet responded to this attention, it is surprising to see James Cameron to congratulate his colleagues at Disney. In April 2018, at the occasion of a press conference organised for the release of his docu-series, AMC Visionaries: James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction , the maker of the film had been highly critical of the films of super-heroes and hoped that the public “gets tired of the Avengers quickly”.

James Cameron would try it as well to make a good figure? For our colleague to be in First , Edward Orozco, there is no doubt that the word soft is in connection with the recent purchase of the Fox, who held the rights to Avatar by Disney

Originally scheduled for 2020, James Cameron had to go to the cinema after Avatar . Only, the firm, Mickey has decided to postpone the release of his film a year, to make room for the new trilogy, Star Wars . This will impact, obviously, the output of the third instalment of this franchise in December 2023, without changing those last two planned for the month of December, 2025, and 2027.