The album n°1 of the sales this week is a surprise. Selling 27.422 copies of Since it is written (Sony), the double voice of Johnny Hallyday, Jean-Baptiste Guegan, is much better than the american star Lana del Rey yet acclaimed by critics and the duo Vitaa-Slimane. At the same time, his tour of major venues in france, which will begin on October 4, the Summum in Grenoble and end in April 2020 will come off in the ticket office. At the Zenith of Lille such as the Seine Musical in Paris, the sales rates are extraordinary. Jean-Baptiste Guegan is sure to sing to sold-out. Proof that a good portion of fans disconsolate Johnny Hallyday have accepted it.

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For this Breton, a 35-year-old who came out of anonymity by winning France has an incredible talent on the M6 this winter, it is a great new. The history of his album is nice. A …

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