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Michel Bouquet, a great man

The young d’aboville, Moliere of the actor in 2015, paying homage to the great servant of the scene. Victor Tonelli

“One generation teaches nothing to another” has a nice repeating Michel Bouquet, it was hard to believe when we know how much the venerable professor of the Conservatory has marked its students. The faces previews – Jean-François Balmer, Michel Fau… – at the premiere of I’m not Michel Bouquet , a tribute to a great servant of the scene and lord Harpagon, either to contradict it. We listen reverently as the young Maxime d’aboville begin the story of the childhood, fair, sometimes painful, Michel Bouquet. Come soon, at 17 years old, the first steps on stage. We meet Albert Camus. One remembers the great Gerard …

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