there has now been many years, Pierre Dac had written a nice and quite delirious parody of the masterpiece of Root: Phaedrus boards . This time, it is a young author, Helena O James, who will stick. And the comparison is to its advantage. Not, of course, that his play, written in seriousness, the alexandrians of twelve feet weighed (which already represents a sacred work), to be perfect, but it is intelligent, erudite, brilliant, and sometimes even quite hilarious.

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fans of the Phaedrus of Root, will find there their account as parody is respectful of the characters and the unfolding of the plot. Except at the end when Helena O James adds a confrontation Aricia/Phaedra that feels more its a pastiche of the scene Célimène/Arsinoe, the Misanthrope of Molière’s a fine suggestion post mortem would be done to the man of Port-Royal. And except also the very end of the piece where, instead of playing the story of Théramène (it had to be done!), our author shows us the daughter of Minos and Pasiphae, sink (can be) happy days with this same brave Théramène.

It’s regrettable that these facilities that are doing a little fall fun cultural that one can take. Because, we can see it clearly, the girl knows her Phaedra until the end of the fingers and, like a good artist who respects himself, it is a mockery because she is in love. And it includes: Phaedrus , it is the Notre-Dame of the French theatre, a work unsurpassed and sublime, genius, pure, the dream of all the actresses.

Rest the show itself which Helena O James is also the director. It all starts with a catastrophically with actors very uncomfortable. It must be said that at Root, the first scene Hippolytus/Théramène is the most difficult part of the piece. But as soon as Oenone, and Phaedra enter the scene all goes well. It must be said that the two actresses are excellent. Mathilda El Hammoudani, well rondouillette, is very fun, but it is especially the Phaedrus that consists of Marlene Morro which is absolutely irresistible. The actress has a volubility, a slaughter, a mouth, an energy, a way to speak to that provide a real pleasure. A word, also, Aurélie of Soissan who plays Aricia full of finesse. Men are more questionable even if Lionel Tavera, in Theseus, we have some fun.

The show will appeal to both spectators who want to laugh and relax as the ultimate Root. A small feat in any way!BOOK >

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