It is now almost official: Quentin Tarantino is in the running for the realization of the fourth installment of the reboot of Star Trek . It is the filmmaker who has announced in an interview on the website /Film . According to him, “there are big chances” that he directed the film, stating that “the script has been written”. The director of Pulp Fiction and Django Unchained is now in full completion of his last film Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood , announced in the official competition of the Cannes film Festival. “I have not talked with [the producers] for a long time because I was trying to do my film,” he continues. When I get out of it, we start to talk about it.”

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The Star Trek of Tarantino is one of the film projects that have made the most about him these past two years. Any part of a rumor in 2017, announcing that the director to the head of a next film of the saga. Nothing is confirmed, but the rumor is gaining momentum. Quentin Tarantino is a big fan of Star Trek , and had then begun discussions with J. J. Abrams to produce the film. Abrams is the director of Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013), and producer of Star Trek: Without limits (2016), the three films composing the reboot of the cult universe space opera.

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director S. J. Clarkson was initially announced for the construction of the new Star Trek, 14th film of the saga, and the fourth since the reboot by J. J. Abrams.Simon Pegg, actor of the trilogy and screenwriter of the third film, was also of the view that, taken by Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood , Tarantino could not make a film of Star Trek before several years, and that therefore, he should engage on the fifth episode.

A chaotic development

The project’s Star Trek Clarkson began to beat the wing last summer, when the actors Chris Pine, main figure of the trilogy, and Chris Hemsworth playing the father of the first, came into conflict with the production on a question of wages. The reunion between the father and the son being in the center of the scenario, the news had terrified the fans of the saga. In January, the breach of contract by S. J. Clarkson has further compromised the achievement of the film. The disappointing results of limitless (340 million dollars in revenues for 180 million budget) would have pushed the producers to put the film project in the closet.

actor Chris Pine in Star Trek: No Limits in 2016, in the role of captain Kirk. Photo credit: Kimberley French/Kimberley French

Not enough to curb Tarantino, who seems optimistic about the realization of his space odyssey. The film should be R-rated, provided sine qua non for the developer, accepted by Paramount and J. J. Abrams, although unusual for a film Star Trek . Minors under the age of 17 years must be accompanied by adults to see the Star Trek of Tarantino. This is Mark L. Smith, writer of the oscar winning film The Revenant by Alejandro González Iñárritu, who wrote the screenplay.

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Tarantino has repeatedly promised to make only ten films in his career, his contributions to the franchise could sign the end of his cinematographic career. If the proposed meeting between the baroque world and violent of Tarantino, and the space opera of Star Trek has what to do irresistible to moviegoers, the film will not be a “ Pulp Fiction in the space”, according to Simon Pegg in an interview on . Enough to reassure fans worried about this possible mix of genres and make them keep their heads in the stars?