Behind a discreet appearance, Lucy Rose has a sacred character. She does not hesitate to call himself a “control freak” and does not balk at telling that she is not lovable, and that if people are more riders with it today, it is thanks to her husband, a “charming man” as she says without irony. The fourth album of this young woman, who turns 30 years old next month was nothing flashy, quite the contrary. The songs that comprise it have been written during a period that was very painful for its author. “Call these securities has been a great relief. Music has been a cure, that made me realize that I wasn’t as strong as I thought I was,” she said bluntly.

In 2012, it came out a debut album on the multinational Sony Music. After a second album, correct at home, she decided to embark on independent production in 2017. But it is No Words Left , released last march, that corresponds to the turning point, the most spectacular of his young career. This disc, as radical as subtle, would never have been able to get on a bigger label. “First of all, I wanted to create an album without a single. Younger, I was interested in the aspect of music business, not only to the creative side. I obeyed to the pressures of the job, “make a career” and all that. Today, I am especially trying to grow as a musician.”

to Turn the back

Freed of the obligation of result, Lucy Rose has composed his best songs on what is undoubtedly the most beautiful success of his discography. “With each new album, the musicians always say “this is my best album”, but this is not what I expect of the artists that I like. Feist, that I really admire, I’m just happy that it brings me something new to each of its returns,” she said. On the cover of No Words Left , Lucy Rose has deliberately turned its back on the photographer. “I wanted to not show my face. I have chosen this image taken by my husband because I found it to be strong. I do not feel obliged to anything ; especially not to ask for a photo man!”

In less than seven years old, Lucy Rose has released four albums. Personal Collection

His great determination, Lucy Rose a way of resistant to the time where there is a request to the singers of care to their presentation and to occupy the land by multiplying the appearances on the social networks in particular. “In the past, I maquillais before each interview or each photo session. Now, I don’t care”, she says in a big smile. As it is, his music is even more striking in its lack of splashy effects. “I was pretty naive in my early days. I liked the idea of carrying on the activity of musician, giving concerts. Today, I really know what I want.”

the Daughter of an accountant and a housewife mother, Lucy Rose listened to the radio on the way to school, practicing the clarinet, without particular passion. “At a time, I bought myself a guitar which I learned to play alone. What saddens me, is that I am unable to jam with other. Today, I wanted to get to the battery. I’m going to buy one and install it in my new home.”

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