Robert Wilson. Hsu Ping

He never stops working, to get from one city to another, from one continent to another. He is looking for. He always has something in mind. He sees. He no longer wears these goggle mount dark very wise student. The blue of his eyes is intense, the expression is sweet. As his voice to the articulation precise. Robert Wilson, high silhouette, still very intimidating, but simple, open, available, dedicates the break from a long day of rehearsal to talk about his work.

In the drawing, to support his claims, and of the left hand. With Isabelle Huppert, he directed Mary Said What She Said to the Town Theatre at the Espace Cardin. It just give the first of the Jungle Book at the Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg, as will be seen, the Nights of Fourvière on the 1st of June next and to the back of the Theatre to the City/Thirteenth Art.

LE FIGARO. – How is born Mary Said What She Said with Isabelle Huppert?

Robert WILSON. – first we have to say that Isabelle Huppert is a national treasure. …

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