St. Petersburg authorities responded to claims against school food sets

a Range of food packages to schoolchildren in St. Petersburg will expand. About it on air of TV channel “Saint Petersburg” said the head of the social power of St. Petersburg Alexey Drummers.

“We treat all complaints in compiling the sets, tried to consider everything that wasn’t negative. But they will change a little — only range of sweets for children expand. Radically the composition of the products change hard, we initially tried to make it interesting,” he said.

According to him, students have the option of gluten-free products, but the parents of the child with allergies is to decide what he can have from set and what is not.

According to him, in April issued more than 150 thousand sets of pupils of 1-4 classes and children of privileged categories. The results of the may kits starts on the 1st of June.

the head of the regional Executive Committee of the popular front in St. Petersburg, Andrej Riabokon, meanwhile, said that 8 thousand of citizens participated in the survey about the quality of the sets, and he showed that 98% happy with it. The remaining 2% wished to see in the boxes in dairy products and fruits.

Earlier, the “Rosbalt” reported that St. Petersburg residents complain about the quality of milk at the grocery sets for students.

how in the children’s product mix, a resident of St. Petersburg found the mouse, please click here.

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