The farmer said, why you should not buy strawberries in bulk

Rules of choice of delicious and fresh strawberries were shared by the head of the company “Kolomna berry” Ivan Chepenko.

As noted by the expert portal “Moscow today” in June starts picking strawberries. However, by choosing berries, be aware of some secrets.

So, if you see that berry is sold in large containers, it is likely that it gathered still green. Small containers are more typical for freshly harvested berries. Exactly this, and offers to draw the attention of the expert.

From a good fresh strawberry sepals, it needs to be ripened and beautiful. Moreover, the farmer noted, red is not always an indicator — it depends on the type of berries.

Besides, according to Chepenko, it is better to give preference to the strawberry, which is grown in the region of sale. She most likely removed from Bush already ripened.

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