The prolific writer Mark Millar – creator of the arc Civil War , Kingsman , Kick-Ass , etc – advocate of creator-owned has sold his publishing house the Millarworld to Netflix in August 2017. The first draft of the comics published via Netflix carries a big responsibility. Aware of the expectations surrounding this title, Mark Millar partnered with Olivier Coipel, one of the most talented designers of his generation. Spotted for her work on the Avengers, Marvel entrusted to him in 2005, House of M . Coipel ends up to conquer the readers all over the world with his incredible work on the reboot of Thor with J. Michael Straczinski to the scenario.

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the order of The Magicians is a quasi-secret and centennial that protects mortals from monsters and darkness. Controlled by five families of Magicians, the order is undermined when its members die one by one, stalked by an implacable enemy… Mark Millar had not also seemed to be released since Jupiter’s Legacy . Sublimated by the line of Olivier Coipel, The Magic Order is a success. Even if the reader may feel at times a few classic recipes from the screenwriter of scotland.

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LE FIGARO: How was launched this collaboration with Mark Millar?

Olivier COIPEL: This is a little time that we cross paths with Mark and we exchange. Each time, it refers to a collaboration. As I had an exclusive contract with Marvel, I couldn’t accept it. When my contract ended, I went back to Mark and he answered me: “Great, I have a new project for you”.

Where do you seek your inspiration?

I love photography. I have lots of books of photos, on fashion, on the street, on all subjects. I feed all of these photographs. I look at a lot fashionable. For Madame Albany, the character who asked me the most work, I knew she should wear a balaclava, but I didn’t really know how I wanted the work. While I was looking at pictures of hoods on the Internet, I stumbled on a balaclava SM. I made tilt.

The character of Madame Albany, diabolically effective. Panini Comics

What were the difficulties of this work?

The violence. It is very difficult for me to illustrate the violence. For the first scene, I have a little hidden this violence. But later in the story, I didn’t have this leisure, and it was complicated. It is necessary to find a balance between a scene graphically interesting and the gore. This is the hard part.

what artwork are you particularly proud of on this project?

I especially like the cover of the 5th volume. We see Regan, lying naked on his bed. I’ve done lots of sketches for this cover, I think it represents well the spirit of the series. She directed an invisible violence, suggested. I also love the cover of the second volume. Which portrays a magician in a taxi under the water. There is poetry in this scene. A bit of Michel Gondry.

Question style, how to move a project to another?

For a designer, a project requires a lot of time, investment. At the end of each project, I have to pause in order not to lose the pleasure of drawing. When I take the drawing to a new series, I’m all fresh but a little lost. It allows me to almost start from scratch in figuring out how to be new at ease to draw. This is what allows me to be free, to take a different direction.

What designers you were dreaming when you started to draw?

Without an ounce of hesitation, Marc Silvestri. It is he who has given me the desire to make comics. On Uncanny X-Men especially. I don’t believe I’ve ever said… It remains an absolute reference for me.

What were your BD favorite when you were a child?

there are plenty of writers and COMICS that have influenced me, but I think in the first two authors. Moebius that was my first god. And Katsuhiro Otomo, which deeply marked me with Akira .

In the “leaves of change”, Coipel finds the paste of Moebius. Panini Comics

Y a-t-he a character or a series that you dream of drawing?

There is still a little early, I finished Magic Order there are just a few months. I’m more in the process to get back to drawing for fun. I have a lot of proposals coming in. What interests me the most are the X-Men. All the more that the house of ideas is trying to turn everything upside down. I would also like to work again with Millar or other “creator owned”, like Grant Morrison.

It is important for you to possess the rights on your creations?

It is very important. It takes time, necessarily, but it is very important. I don’t want to completely leave comics super-hero, but the politics of Marvel and DC changes a little. The market has changed and we can go back and forth between homes and projects. Except for the young designers who sign still exclusives.

The young Gabriel surrounded by Magicians adult while hunting monsters… Panini Comics

Your Thor impression. Can you tell us about your relationship with this super-hero?

Even if I am no longer working on it right now, Thor, this is my baby. It is one of the few characters where I could find his face. When you draw characters, it is important to be successful to find a face that speaks to you, which on one side gives personality. And for Thor, I’ve managed to find this alchemy.

Is this that re-Thor after three years off you and has enabled you to overcome the existing?

I don’t read Thor before working on it. Of course I’ve done my homework, I read what has been done before. Each time, regardless of the character, I go back to the source, to the hard-core. I looked at what had been done Kirby. When Marvel contacted me to do Thor, they gave me total freedom. It was at the time of the Lord of the Rings. They told me that they were looking for this type of atmosphere. At the time , I had made a mat to Thor. They to me have refused. And now, it has a mat! Like what…

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