in Seven seasons, 189 concerts, 29 tours throughout the paris region, six records, a new composition competition, 17 orders and 24 creations… These are for the balance sheet figures for the mandate of Enrique Mazzola at the head of the Orchestre national d’île-de-France, since his arrival in 2012. But the human toll and the arts is even richer.

“I leave with the awareness that, when I run, this is not for me, it is primarily for the public”

Enrique Mazzola

On a personal basis, the Italian chef, born in Spain, just get the French nationality but already has a foot in Germany, where he is first guest conductor of the Deutsche Oper Berlin, concedes: “I arrived at the Ondif with the certainty that the most important thing for me was to make music with the orchestra. I leave with the awareness that, when I run, this is not for me, it is primarily for the public.” A nuance that, according to him, changes absolutely everything in the way of leading. “You do not read the partition in the same way as you wonder how you will react to the musicians to your ideas or how do you get such a musical idea to the public at the end of the hall,” he explains.

Of the Salle Pleyel concert hall in Paris

A report to the public that he has established direct contact with the latter, during the multiple rounds of training in the Île-de-France, where his mission is to shine the whole of the territory. Offering the same program, with the same requirement, in the community halls of the suburbs to the Philharmonie de Paris. “A mission is very rewarding, because the social diversity specific to the region leads to issues of sharing music and exciting”, he says.

On the artistic side, Mazzola is proud to have led the phalanx in one of the most decisive in its history: the passage to the Salle Pleyel to that of the Philharmonie de Paris, of which she is today one of the orchestras residents. “A pride and a responsibility that I share with all the musicians. With them, I have really worked on the attention to detail. And I can say that this is a band that dares to work a lot. Spend ten minutes to adjust a stroke of the bow or refine the accuracy between the strings and the harmony has never been a problem.”

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It is thus the conscience at rest, and proud of the work accomplished, chef and musicians can now dream of “Dolce Vita”, for what is their last program on tour, in the framework of the mandate of the permanent head of Mazzola. A program in the colors of Italy, with Fountains of Rome and Pines of Rome of Respighi, as well as the Preludio sinfonico by Puccini and the Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini by Rachmaninov.

Dolce Vita, Philharmonie de Paris: 221, avenue Jean-Jaurès (Xix). Tel .: 01 44 84 44 84. Date: on 22 may at 20: 30.
Places: from 10 to 30 €.