Heading towards the South-West. In Cap Ferret, Max resource in their holiday home by the sea. Soon the cap of the sixties. He is grouchy. It doesn’t have the head to blow out his candles. A bad decision at work, and since he is broke. His portfolio makes him a false hope. Death in the soul, the sexagenarian has to sell his house. His wife left him. He does not dare to confess to the house. In the midst of the turmoil, happen Mary, Eric, Antoine, Vincent and all the others, that he has not seen for three years…

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Nine years after The Small Handkerchiefs , the band of friends led by Guillaume Canet returns in We will all . A light comedy, worn by actors, funny and touching, in cinemas this Wednesday. Here are three reasons to set sail to the movie theater nearest you to discover this suite inspired.

● For actors, funny and touching

Laurent Laffite shines in the role of Antoine. The little fool in heart has let go of his cell phone to carry the baggage of Eric, of which he is now the assistant. Hilarious on a zodiac, twisting in a parachute jump (or when he drags his fingers anywhere) and touching “big brother” naive. François Cluzet is in a partition tragic. That of a man in crisis, at the edge of a nervous breakdown. The boorish angry that made people laugh to tears in Small Handkerchiefs is never very far away.

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and Then there are all the others. Those who look around, as Marie (Marion Cotillard) and Eric (Gilles Lellouche), or Véronique (Valérie Bonneton) and Alain (José Garcia). In the middle, Isabelle (Pascale Arbillot), who blossomed like a rose since Vincent (Benoît Magimel) he confessed his homosexuality. Ironically, now that he left, it seems again attracted by this liberated woman… We laugh as much as we are touched by these characters over the gags, blows of fate, and amorous intrigues that intertwine.

● Because we drink a shot with them

Guillaume Canet filming his friends with generosity: his partner Marion Cotillard, his friend always Gilles Lellouche (We’ll end up together marks their ninth collaboration), his favorite actor François Cluzet, his partner of poker Benoît Magimel… In the middle of the band, the director catapult new characters: a baby-sitter a bit castratrice (Tatiana Gousseff), a neighbor to the charm hidalgo (José Garcia), a boyfriend addicted to well-being (Mikaël Wattincourt). We can well imagine with them, grilling a few sausages on the terrace of Max, plunging into the Atlantic with Marie, go out to a club with Isabelle, a parachute jump with Antoine, make a trip by motor boat with Jean-Louis…

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● Because it is better than The Small Handkerchiefs

to be unsatisfactory, the first version of the script has been reworked on the advice of Marion Cotillard and Gilles Lellouche. Result, the dosage tragic-comic is better managed. Each character brings a touch of humour, or drama, while keeping in authenticity. Guillaume Canet tinker adventures with pieces of string: a caterpillar can be dangerous as well as a catamaran trip, visit a real estate agent junk any more pleasant than a meeting with a fan on vacation… In spring a light comedy, the more successful that The Small Handkerchiefs . They will end up together, we will finish in the rooms.