This is the film that the Cannes film Festival will be proud to present, if the direction of the event manages to strike a deal with Netflix. Planned for the fall, Martin Scorsese chose the giant of the streaming for his new production, The Irishman . When Steven Spielberg goes to war against the platform that he wants to oust the Oscars, the director of Shutter Island , to him, welcomes him with open arms, with his film for which the budget is colossal.

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according To the information of Esquire, the shell of The Irishman is estimated at more than $ 175 million. Martin Scorsese exceeds $ 25 million that of Hugo Cabret , which had cost $ 150 million, the film has asked a multitude of special effects. This will also be the case for this project for Netflix, since it was necessary to rejuvenate for 30 years a good part of the cast, the film has many flashbacks.

Netflix explodes its budget

the Record also for Netflix, including the most expensive production so far is Bright , led by Will Smith. The film of David Ayer, released in 2017, had reached 90 million dollars. The firm streaming also chose to bet big by producing the next film by Michael Bay, 6 Underground . The american director, who has the habit of juggling with the millions (more than $ 200 million for each of the last three Transformers and their cocktail of explosions and special effects) has been awarded a tidy envelope of $ 150 million for its history of multi-millionaires who play vigilantes masked…

Despite the exorbitant amounts incurred for its original movies, Netflix is far from achieving the budgets of the blockbusters of Disney, Warner Bros, MGM, or Sony that regularly exceed $ 300 million. Last year, Avengers: Infinity War won the palme film the most expensive with a budget of between 320 and 400 million dollars according to estimates.

The output of The Irishman, directed by Martin Scorsese, with Robert de Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci, is planned for this fall on Netflix.

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