A third of Russians do not believe in the danger of coronavirus or consider it fiction

a Third of respondents (32.8 per cent) believes that the risk of the coronavirus pandemic exaggerated or altogether invented. It is reported by RBC with reference to the results of a study conducted by the Directorate for expert analytical work of the Higher school of Economics (HSE).

In fact, no epidemic, no, it’s fiction interested parties, said 23.2% of survey participants. 9,6% believe that the danger is exaggerated.

74.2% of respondents from among the doubters in the existence of the infection, said that the introduction of mode isolation was not necessary. I agree with them, only 10% of those recognizing the pandemic.

Meanwhile, 56% of respondents supported the removal of restrictions, of which about 35.6% think they had to be removed earlier.

According to the study, the southern Federal district is leading in the poll in the percentage who believes the epidemic is a fiction — 41,1%. More than 60% of district respondents believe that the restrictions during an outbreak must be less than and that restrictions had to be removed early (42,7%).

an online survey was conducted using in-line sample (the respondents involved in the survey on numerous websites) in five stages from 18 March to 26 may. The survey polled more than 30 thousand people from all regions of Russia at the age from 20 to 60 years.

According to the latest information of the Information center to monitor the situation with coronavirus (ICC), only RF was 370 680 thousand thousand 3 cases and 968 deaths.

currently, scientists and doctors working on a vaccine. Meanwhile, Russia has created a test-system for specific immunity to the new coronavirus. The test allows to determine the stage of the disease in humans and to select potential donors of plasma for treatment of patients with coronavirus.

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