Agricultural chemist told how to collect a large harvest of potatoes from a small area

Potato is one of the most popular root vegetables that are grown Russian vacationers. How to get a good harvest from a small area, the correspondent of “Rosbalt” was told by the agricultural chemist-soil scientist and head of club of fans of Floristics Love Yakushev.

“first, the potatoes should be planted as early as possible, but provided that the soil is warm. It is easy to check — grab a piece of land and throw, it needs to crumble. Second, the potatoes should be planted no deeper than 10 cm And pre-fertilize — manure, ashes or special fertilizers,” — said the expert.

According to her, the perfect fertilizer is azofoska containing a perfect ratio of the main minerals that eats potatoes: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium. It is possible to feed and throughout the growth period. Ash is good because it has calcium and magnesium. When planting you can also use potassium nitrate, but only once.

“the potato Crop can be increased if the bushes are constantly Spud — it is necessary that the soil was loose. So the potatoes will form more branches and more tubers. And still need to monitor closely the emergence of the Colorado potato beetle,” advises agricultural chemist.

Love Yakushev notes that in mid-summer on the foliage of potatoes may appear red large larvae — if the area is small, they can be easy to collect. If the bugs still there, it is also possible to collect manually.

“to Spray poisons potatoes in a small area is highly undesirable — we’re all now committed to organic farming”, — said the expert.

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