Agroukraine Beleniuk praised compatriots for the lack of racism, but it summed up the Russian language

the Famous Ukrainian wrestler Jean Beleniuk wrote a post on Instagram, in which he said that racism is not characteristic of the population. The post athlete was devoted to the resonant murder of the African-American George Floyd police in Minneapolis. Thus, comparing the situation in their homeland and in the United States, apocrine managed to confuse users, because they have chosen the wording with the opposite meaning.

“the level of racism Ukraine is easy to give the light of the United States” — this Beleniuk wrote in Russian. As it turned out, European and world champion in Greco-Roman wrestling meant that racism “we have much less!”

Beleniuk noted that is not confronted with racism in Ukraine — except in the teenage years, when he, the future star of the sport and Rada Deputy from the party of Vladimir Zelensky “servant of the people”, “not bypassed attacks by various marginalized”.

champion said that he was shocked by how widespread racism in the twenty-first century in the United States — “a country with seemingly advanced democracy”. According to Belenko, he is “proud to be Ukrainian” and due to the fact that this is not observed in his country.

the Wrestler also stated that mourns the dead during the arrest of a colored resident of the United States. “Today I George Floyd,” stated Beleniuk, teamed up with the protesters in the States.

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