An activist said, as a greener approach to the delivery of products

During the pandemic has dramatically increased the demand for food and products, which leads to unnecessary waste. The author of the Telegram-canal Saint Elizabeth Green Subbotina told the correspondent of “Rosbalt” how to arrange the delivery and to make a contribution to the environment.

As noted by the St. Petersburg activist, it is necessary to order only the most necessary.

“In the comment always ask not to put Cutlery and wet wipes, if you plan to eat at home. It takes a few seconds, but very good habit,” — said Subbotin.

According to her, the remaining packaging can be sorted and put into processing. This is a more useful option than to carry the waste to the garbage.

“And the most difficult — try to order from companies that care about sustainability,” concluded the activist.

Telegram-canal Saint Green says the city residents about how to conserve nature, minimize waste and the right approach to shopping. The author cites some of the environmental habits that can be purchased at a time.

some Of the lifehacks in the period of the pandemic read soon in our material.

“Rosbalt” presents the project “trash — be honest!”, reminding that the problem of proper disposal of waste concerns all of us, and everyone can contribute to its solution. And what kind of answers we find today will impact our quality of life tomorrow.

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